The Apology, micro fiction by Colleen M. Tice at
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The Apology

The Apology

written by: Colleen M. Tice



Too young to understand the betrayal. Too young to live with the pain. Blocking out the pain and anger. I watch you fighting your demons, turning your anger on us. Unable to realize we were not your mistake. There was no apology for the cruel jokes and jabs. There would be no apology for the punches and violent words.
I see her, facing my inner child and her screams. I kept her at a distance, kept her truth locked away because of you. She was a thorn in my heart, poisoning my soul all because of you.
There is no peace between us all because of you. There are no words of forgiveness or an apology given to the little girl. The pain on her face reminds me of the anger on yours. I sit with the little girl you destroyed. I give her the apology she deserves from you, both. I’ll wrap her up in my arms and hug her tight. Giving her the words of regret and sympathy, she needs.
I hope to be forgiven by her. I hope we are able to forgive you. Giving myself the apology, you should have given.

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