Badge of Honor, micro fiction by Colleen M. Tice at
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Badge of Honor

Badge of Honor

written by: Colleen M. Tice



My Memories push me beneath quicksand, drowning inside my deadly thoughts. Being pushed beneath the beating waves, I breathe under the poisonous water. Is love a weapon or a rope of hope?
Should I kill my father’s daughter? Rip the little girl from my soul. Should I hurt myself for your pleasure? As you sit there and watch me suffer; can you not see the badge of honor form?
I wear this badge of honor, trauma clawing itself through my heart. I tear the family tree down with my bare hands. Ripping the deadly roots that are strangling me….
I cut the dead little girl from my heart. Killing my father’s daughter. I hurt myself. I wear this badge of honor as I heal. Cutting out the dead flesh and tears. I find the little girl buried beneath the family tree roots. I stomp on the broken limbs and roots. Then I climb above the dying tree.

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