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Two Years Since You Left

Two Years Since You Left

written by: SmithaV



Dear Papa,

It’s two years since you’ve been gone
There are things I need to update you on
I’m in a better place now than I was a year ago
I think of you but the tears don’t in turbulence flow
I find it easier now to talk to you
You’re able to focus and hear
me without the din caused by Pain and Fear

I’ve moved from the country
and I realize I was ready
‘Coz with every passing year, I stayed on
after you, it made me feel you’d gone
a little too soon and that your angst of separation was pointless
‘Why couldn’t you have lived longer?’
the question rankled in my brain like a splinter

But, now I know better; you planned it right
‘Coz sifting through the stuff takes time- not just the tangibles in sight
But the intangibles: grief, hurt, guilt and the desiderium, I needed to get rid
of. I packed the valuables, put a lid
and tucked it away safely. I opened it only to let the sun in and to wipe off
time’s silvery dust and feathery mould that has a way of sneaking
up when one’s not looking.

Two years on, I see why you were in a rage
Before you escaped the skeletal cage
that kept you from living. I feel you in our new home in this country
And I realize dying set you free.
I know you’ve been busy doing what you love
‘Coz my sister said she felt you on the other side of the ocean
And I hear you’ve been to down under country too, from the children.

Your daughter forever



Smitha Vishwanath is a banker turned writer. She began her writing journey in 2016 through her blog. Thieving Magpies, Spillwords Press, Silverbirch Press, Borderless Journal, and Rebelle Society have published her poetry. In 2019, her poem, 'Omid' was nominated for Best of the Net and her poems, 'Do you have dreams?' and 'Forgotten' were given special mention in NaPoWriMo, 2021 and 2022, hosted by Maureen Thomson. In addition, she was awarded the Reuel International Prize for poetry by the online group TSL. In 2019, she co-authored a book of poetry, 'Roads- A journey with Verses', which received positive reviews. Smitha's writing is peppered with the lessons learned from the plethora of invaluable experiences that come from having lived in India, UAE and Iran, worked in a multi-cultural environment and travelled widely. She resides in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with her husband and two daughters. When she is not writing, you can find her painting, travelling, or sharing reviews of books she has read on Goodreads, Amazon, and her blog. She is excited about her debut novel, 'Coming Home', which will be released on 18th March 2023.

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