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Blank Pages

Blank Pages

written by: Leonard Ifeanyi Ugwu, Jr.



My poems are taboo for men,
they are empty voices
echoing in naked places,
from a heartbroken pen.

I had written with my blood,
I had penned with my bones,
but I remain a passing flood
splashing as they throw stones.

Mum said poems are worthless,
dad said poems are penniless,
I’m left wandering in the wilderness of wild
where I might return with torn dreams untied.


There are no medals, no crowns, no accolades and no validation,
just me and my miserable ink for twelve years walking into extinction,
someone save me from these miserable cages of self-deprecation
which my wife said might lead me to self-destruction.

If you bless my craft spontaneously,
I’ll bless many tears wearing my shoe,
they deserve a voice enormously
in a dream like mine which they passionately pursue.


After today and I see nothing, I’ll fight my muse,
what’ll happen next shall no longer be news,
but no matter what happens in the ocean of ages,
I’ll never depart the face of this earth with blank pages.

Leonard Ifeanyi Ugwu, Jr.

Leonard Ifeanyi Ugwu, Jr.

Leonard Ifeanyi Ugwu, Jr. is a Lecturer/Researcher at the Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is a poet and short story writer. He is a PGD student of English and literary studies of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He studied Political Science to Masters Level and currently he is a Doctoral researcher in same field. Leonard Jr. won the best poet of the year 2012 and 2013 respectively from the Caritas University Literary and Arts Association (CAULAA) where he obtained his first degree in Political Science. Leonard Ifeanyi Ugwu, Jr. is an author of two poetry collections: ‘Echoes of Bullets,’ 2022 (published by Emotion Press Ibadan, Nigeria), and a popular poetic reflection titled ‘Echoes of the Invisible,’ 2017 (published by Author House, USA). He compiled the Anthology of Peace for the World Union of Poets (WUP) published by Atunis poetry 2016. His poems have been published in websites, newspapers, magazines and notable anthologies. He is the ‘Big Squire’ of the World Union of Poets, a laureate at World Nations Writers Union (WNWU) and former coordinator of the Creative Writers Association of Nigeria (CWAN) Enugu state chapter.
Leonard Ifeanyi Ugwu, Jr.

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