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written by: Gavin Haycock



sky in dawn light
distant blue air, soft and subtle
like the hue of quail eggs
like barely audible voices
like brief moans shooting meteorites over a frozen desert
vapour trail streaks
meridian lines, criss-crossing
aerial tears

here below, among the heaviness of winter
bare-branched trees
weary from the wait of traveling without moving
soiled, their creeping sleeves of moss embracing hesitation

gaze up, an expanse of indifference
cooling after-burn of distant travels
jet trails seen through fingers of bark
a celestial roof framing ice crystals
over the earth’s slow-beating heart
nothing is constant
not even these words
as breath liquefies into forgotten fragments
as turquoise pearl swirls take flight
as ink bleeds into the snow basin of a page

in cathedrals of stone
they stand in a line, silent
waiting for daylight to break
sheet lines across a horizon

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