Prairies Lament, poetry by J. Iner Souster at

Prairies Lament

Prairies Lament

written by: J. Iner Souster



Sound travels across open landscapes.
A pack of coywolves
yip and howl in the distance
A continuous story
without beginnings or ends
Traversing the grasslands
casting their eerie, lonesome presence
as they sing of death.
Icy winds caress my bones
causing my shoulders to rise
tears begin to well
An early autumn wind
brisk and unforgiving
cut across my face
blurring my already dimmed vision
Noises from every direction
increase in volume
Unfamiliar chorales of the prairies
With the heavens above
eyes that can only perceive blackness below
The sporadic silhouette
of lonesome silos
dotting a barren landscape
gives way to perceptions
of ancient obsidian obelisks
erected by the offspring
of some long-forgotten civilization
assuaging the ominous deities
of seasons past.
Against a moonless night
the unencumbered Milky Way
Glorious gold and white light
from a hundred million million stars
blues, oranges and reds
gleaming potential beacons
adorning the night sky
Reposing beneath a blanket of stars
as the encircling verses of coywolves
lulling me to sleep
Longing for dreams
of your sweet nocturnal return.

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