Cemetery of Sages, poetry by Leonard Ifeanyi Ugwu, Jr. at Spillwords.com
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Cemetery of Sages

Cemetery of Sages

written by: Leonard Ifeanyi Ugwu, Jr.



I mirror myself in books,
In idleness, I numb the key of fetish looks,
I hide my shadows on paper flowing with images of blur blood,
My heart wobbles in the water of the flood.

The rhythmic flow of poetic words is buried in my thought
But when I sit to crest them, they disappear from sight
Like Nigerian light.
Darkness burns the night, empty is the mind I sought.

As I dwell in the cemetery of sages,
Overflowing with thoughtful pages,
Wandering what wobbled the wanton water
Where I swim without wetness and any sound of pitter-patter

In this cemetery of sages, I see bard skull
Micro Shakespeare’s skeletal skull.
I now have fathers; I drink from the tomb of bald thoughts
Now my pen dances on paper and my ink fingers their thoughts.

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