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written by: Jill Sharon Kimmelman


This night i slept
beautifully…deeply…oblivious to all
no new poems were penned
dashed hopes can be fixed
my words will return
at last…I slept

There was no tuning into late night tennis matches
at all hours of the night
no bargaining with god for
elusive nights of sleep
no sentences to stumble over
with apologies rampant

At last
came the beautifully…blurring…blessing
of longed for…sought after…the sweet…sweet hush of sleep

My skin warmed by some fiery touch
i did not recognize
energy delivering warmth to my cold shaking limbs

This warmth tames in gentle bursts
it comforts…calms…quiets small fears…
haunting doubts…and
a swallow of unasked questions

Hours had turned into days
of eggshell tiptoes
and hushed plaintive whispered requests
for tiny moments of
silence…stillness…and sleep
were at last answered

On this morning
you will march into the crush and chaos
of another crazy work day

I will glide into glorious healing water
up to my chin
as i learn to treat my body
with kindness and respect

If this ramble of early morning
is a jumble of confusion for you
let me say it again

a whisper of my very own mantra
a smile…a secret…a near-perfect joy
all the gifts of blessed sleep
and the sheer joy of awakening to this sunrise

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