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Writhing Closeness

Writhing Closeness

written by: Puneet Kumar



The rising sun infuses
In me,
Writhe for your closeness

Promissory estoppel
Appears to be engraved in the darkness of the night
And I writhe for your closeness

Not even the days
The nights without you…
Writhe for your closeness

The solemn sleep at night
Often unnerves me…
And I writhe for your closeness.

Days and nights metamorphosed…
But your sheer absence
Whispers something in my ears…
And I writhe for your closeness.

Thorny barriers
On the way to your abode
Arrest my steps, make me restless
And I writhe for your closeness.

Even the change of the millennium
Didn’t change the worldly attitudes
Let us wait like two parallel lines
To meet in eternity

For the time being, I writhe for your closeness.

Puneet Kumar

Puneet Kumar

Puneet Kumar is a full-time poet, writer and life coach. He writes poems, short stories, novels and self-help books. He has self-published 8 books. He loves to write on subjects like relationships, healthy living, food and nutrition, wine, and lifestyle or anything that adds positive lights into the life.
Puneet Kumar

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