Call From Within, a poem by Puneet Kumar at
Todd Trapani

Call From Within

Call From Within

written by: Puneet Kumar



I spend my hours
In brooding
And I sit alone
For brighter hopes

Don’t know whose thoughts
Call me from within
And pull me towards
Her unseen presence

Unknown spirits
First inflame me
And feed my life
With flesh, fresh and green

The intrinsic art
Inside invisible things
Teaches me to learn
Her every command

Some force takes-
Care of my night
And tells me to sleep without…!
In a coffin.

Her closer touch
Felt in the air
Even her presence
Feels nearer still

O, unseen forces! Tell me
About her corporeal presence
And where such mystique hides
Within her unknown presence

It’s all rare in question
Before you
And never before has anything squirted
My masculine soul so much

It is somewhere your doctrine
Which commands my senses
And designs my heart,
In your art

It is your closed train of thought
Where my world resigns
And clouds of eternity,
Rain in love.

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