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Shades of Blackness

Shades of Blackness

written by: Dawn Minott



In shades of blackness, three black women stood
By the ocean’s lapping waves, because they could
Their skin adorned in shades of black
A tapestry of edenic beauty, flashback

In shades of blackness, colors bright
They wear a tapestry of strength and light
Their hearts yearning thoughts soaring free
To Africa, their homeland, across the sea

The water’s shimmer a bittersweet sight
A reminder of forlorn journeys in the night
When shackles and chains bore heavy weight
Yet like their spirit, resilient colors celebrate

In shades of blackness, a tapestry unfolds
Stories of strength and courage retold
Thinking of Africa their hearts united
A land torn from them yet home ignited

In shades of blackness, they stand so tall
A triumphant spirit proudly enthrall
Their roots deep-seated a heritage divine
In their souls, the echoes of ancient rhyme

With every sunset and every dawn
They honor the heritage that’s drawn
From a distant land, a sacred place
Woven through time in remembered space

In shades of blackness, they’ve faced stormy days
Challenged bias in countless ways
Their voices rose above the strife
Championing one for all, a better life

In the shades of blackness, they’ve come to find
The strength and love of humankind
Three black women united—a living art
In love for community to heal each heart

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