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Being 60

Being 60

written by: C H Elton



Well, where did that time go?
When I was a kid, 60 was ancient, and that was only yesterday
If I ever thought about it, or so it feels to me today
Even in my 20’s when work beckoned, and I started out
in what I thought was the real world, 60 was so far in the future for me
And the people already there were old wrinklies
With their metaphoric white flags held out for all to see
So, I get into my 30’s realising too late that
Your 20’s should have been about having fun
I’ve got children giving me the run around
And boy, how could they run!
I’m trying to pay the bills that come quite quickly
And work hard every day, every hour
Yet still, being 60 doesn’t register, as I protect my ivory tower
Hitting 40 was a wake up, it’s allegedly when life begins, apace
Realising that enough is enough and thank God (and Jan) I’m rescued from my dark place
And I recognised that Lennon was right, the truth is
All you need is love (and a good pension) to start again on a happier pathway
And then oh my god, I’m 50 and that landmark drops into view
And I question am I old or middle aged, I wish I knew
But does it matter really? And more importantly who cares
My world is so much stronger and I’m growing some new hairs (ears and nose mainly)
In my early 50’s I decide it’s time to seize the day
But ‘early’ is just a misnomer anyway
Carpe diem stayed with me, and I never gave a thought
To turning 60 one day and the consequences that it brought
That was until last week when the day came into sight
And I admit to being bothered about stuff
And then I saw the light
Now, I’ve accepted that I’m 60 and I won’t go on for ever
And for now it’s just a number, an insignificance in my endeavour
To live and laugh amongst you all and today I say with heart
Thank you all for being a part of it
Now eat, drink, raise a glass to me, I’m officially a grand old fart

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