What is Love?, a poem by Puneet Kumar at Spillwords.com
Shaira Dela Pena

What is Love?

What is Love?

written by: Puneet Kumar



Is love a word
Spoken in dream, or
Written in poetry book
During heightened emotions?

Or is it a word
For a poet’s imagination
Trying to survive and escape
From unbearable realities?

Or is it a word
That conveys the meaning
One is struggling at present
In the pursuit of happiness?

Or is it a word
That tells about the mind
Trying to engage and absorb
In the creative world of fairy tales?

Or is it a word
A young romancer uses
In the impulse of youth
For his frivolous fun?

Love is not love
As it sounds within the heart
It is not a personal choice
To tell what music is within

Love is just a word
Which you tell to yourself
To feel good, that
Someone is here to love in return.

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