Corners of Me, poetry by Andrea Polla at

Corners of Me

Corners of Me

written by: Andrea Polla



Long hidden within the dank stairwell of time
You still appear
Emerging as you wish
Without invitation
You infuse my dreams
With a fragrance of us
This is no crime of passion
Rather a scent of toxic love
To expel you is to expel me
If I could
Climb up
Leap out
Run wild
Erase us
I would
Loosen my grip
For they are not choices all my own
Only whispers of pain
Denying me selfishness
Or the hope of riddance
Gritty rock prevents truth from seeping like bile
Through ledges of my mind
Never ever look back for our memories might jump
Laughing at us from a bridge, drowning in black water
Pausing all dignity, I cling to silence
Lost, all treasures, broken or intact
Might sail in dense fog through the ME in us
Leaving me
Thus, I hold my stance on the first step toward the light
Never moving closer
To the corners of salty memories
All silent revelations are bound
For poised I shall remain
Always on guard
Afraid to move up or away
Toward freedom
Nor shall I visit
Ever again the corners of Me without you.

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