Your Love, prose by Andrea Polla at
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Your Love

Your Love

written by: Andrea Polla



Your love pushed me through walls of pain, caused me inexplicable grief and forced me to face myself. Your love has kept me believing that life can be better, that past can be put to rest, and that life is worth living still. Your love is constant, even when you roar, stomp, or confront my bitterness. You are surprisingly tender and need me when I least expect it; I feel honored by your vulnerability. Now, I face more pain; pain not from threat, regardless of life breaking. I sit and watch you live from the sidelines and want much more for you. I want to roll in the grass, make love in the forest, move my body in sync with yours…but I can’t. I can smile and feel the tears spilling from my eyes, sometimes laugh at your ridiculous attempts to amuse me, but I can never be the lover you once knew, your strength or release. For this, my true love, I am sorry. For it is not me who leaves you, alit by the frame of my spirit that awakened when I saw your arctic eyes, felt your strong embrace, and the one I have known as my lover from our first kiss. No matter where pain takes me, nor the realms that separate us, know. KNOW. You are the love of my life in beauty and in sorrow.

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