Lost World, a poem by Ode Clement Igoni at Spillwords.com

Lost World

Lost World

written by: Ode Clement Igoni



From fire ice springs forth turns cold then heat
Allegory seeing in faint, thirsty needs more fill
View in opaque, paddle across the deep blue sea
To find gold, riches of man, travel to hills top
Circle of wind strong digging deep into the earth

Whirl hole, portal opens to visualize outer realm
Floating souls market square trading of lives
Old to a new face, bygones for many are stale

Lost world is hidden away from ordinary eyes
Price and exchange each one a soul it counts
Puzzle and riddle to solve, finding a way out
Retrace not found dimensions on a new path

Dust tells source of energy direction bound
Find way to earth revisiting once a life end

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