Seasons of Grass, a poem by Cris Charboneau Steele at

Seasons of Grass

Seasons of Grass

written by: Cris Charboneau Steele


The flowing blue river, and the golden autumn grass
Make me think how quickly all things in life must pass;
So come and hold my hand, put your arms around me too;
Hold me like you’ll never stop; now whisper, “I love you”.
Let’s make love in the morning, and again in the afternoon…
Let’s run naked in the woods, and dance beneath the moon!

Life is just a blowing wind; the days are one small turn.
Cast your cares upon the breeze, and let your money burn!
We only have one chance at life, one chance to scatter seeds,
So let’s cultivate a garden, and trample on the weeds!
Let the wind blow thru your hair and sun shine on your face;
Laugh & smile and dance & sing while we dwell upon this place.

Yes, seasons change, and life goes by; one day we’ll all be gone,
So let’s pause to greet each morning & the coming of the dawn.
In all things rejoice, be happy, and seek the face of God,
‘Til there are no more roads to roam or paths we haven’t trod.
Then lie beside me in the grass as we watch the clouds drift by…
And reflect upon adventures – deep and wide as sea and sky!

Let’s not waste a minute of this fleeting game of chance,
Like marsh grass in the breeze, we must bend & sway – & dance!
Let’s bloom where we are planted, make the most of every day,
Sharing, caring, giving love, even tho’ we cannot stay.
Gathering not the weeds of sorrow, but learning to forgive.
For what are we on earth for, but to be alive and LIVE!

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