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Inside The Oak Embrace

Inside The Oak Embrace

written by: Cris Charboneau Steele


I try to imagine the First Natives on this land,
Foraging a home with just their hearts and their two hands.
Now we are the caretakers of these trees, this grass, and sand,
Why they chose this place – I think we understand.

Standing in the center of this stately ring of trees,
You are embraced and shaded by the dappled canopies.
Fluttering and whispering through impressionistic leaves,
The secrets of the centuries are carried on the breeze.

We are connected now, through time, within this place.
Then & now, our hearts, and homes, have both occupied this space.
You have gone, but here and there, have left behind a trace
From when it was your time alive Inside the Oak Embrace.

Did you lie upon your backs gazing at the sky?
Did you stop to watch the birds circling on high?
Did you sit around your campfires, sip, and smile, and sigh?
Were you as thankful to be living here while your life was passing by?

So we will never be alone as we huddle on this ground,
For we have company in these massive brothers standing ‘round.
But we also feel your spirit in the peace we both have found
Here among the Oaks where we all have put roots down.

And yes, we’ll always think of you, who also settled on this place,
And resided just as we have done – Inside the Oak Embrace.

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