Solving The Sandman Series, poem by Stuart M. Klimek at
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Solving The Sandman Series

Solving The Sandman Series

written by: Stuart M. Klimek


We bridge our beyond in curious crossings
With stairways, stiles, and stepping stones.
But the reaches we seek in our dreams are oblique
Forever lost in fields of unknowns.

Along labyrinthine lanes we ladle the Lethe
To quench our quandaries and questions.
But the waters are wine of bitters and brine
Muddling our minds with misdirection.

Sans compass and sextant, no stars for our guide,
Our journeys are jigsaws and juggles;
Still, it’s not venture that vexes or the path that perplexes,
But the uncertainties of invisible struggles.

Indeterminate unknowns in life undefined,
Our fates we fashion ourselves
Yet the heroes aren’t zeroes divided by zeroes
Nor infinities tetrated by twelve.

Our courses converge when ruled by reality,
Whereas our destinies in dreams diverge.
Just as numbering sheep leads to slumbering, sleep
Brings escape where imaginings emerge.

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