Blossoming Fight, a poem by Tamar Gvelesiani at
Lynn Danielson

Blossoming Fight

Blossoming Fight

written by: Tamar Gvelesiani



How can I express the beauty of your soul,
Each time I look at you, you make me feel whole,
Maples blessed having you above ascend their branches proud at once
and I can not sleep at night as you take me high,
somewhere we both belong, when all the others lock the doors
and that fresh smell of delight will wake us in a new life.

There feels like we are tenderly falling from sky
on a new earth have a new start for divine.
Watch: those colours orange in white, colours of life healing my mind,
flowers have a blossoming fight, wilderness just covering sites.

Oh, this adventure is so wild,
my young soul beats each time I step up these cloudy hacks,
there humans love each other and never bother.

This is where we both belong
as guarded angels, as heaven songs.
loving you just for your naive face, asking you to stay insane.

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