Sunsets in October, poem by Shreya Sharma at
Ulf Olsson

Sunsets in October

Sunsets in October

written by: Shreya Sharma


The sunsets in October are turbid.
My memory weakens as I observe
its luring scene of limitless spectra;
shades of hope & misery
shades of love & lovelorn
shades of ataraxia & delusion
clasp my soulless head, fingers.
As I stand barefoot
and my toes are nothing,
Nothing but envelopes of sleepless
twitching and terrene kisses.

I walk barefoot
with my murky shadows,
a camouflage to my features
hiding behind my vacant eye-like windows.
Flows like a waterfall,
I sing songs of the dark,
swift and grief swept.

The mundane doormat chuckles at my face
watching my gloomy footsteps.

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