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Sonnet 2

written by: Mubangizi Emmy


Estrella dear
So far from here
How I long to have you near
To sing the songs we love to hear
There's always so much to clear
Where lovers have had a lot to bear
So I hope like an old seer
You take in every pain without a tear
Till the barriers between us disappear
And I can wink back without fear
Or whisper quietly into your ear
About the things that never were
And those that were
When you and I were.

Mubangizi Emmy

Mubangizi Emmy

I was born and raised in rural Western Uganda (East Africa) where my grandfather introduced me to literature at a very early age. I'm 28, and I live in Kampala. When I was 19 I set out to write my own novel, Home is Gone, which almost a decade later has not yet been published. I've written four more novels and hundreds of poems since, and continue to hope that my writing will influence a generation some day.
Mubangizi Emmy

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