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Free Verse 2

written by: Mubangizi Emmy


The songs we sang in the rain
The cold green hills
The hailstorm
The dust and the seasons
The herd and flock
The cranes beating away their wings at dawn and dusk
The innocence, the joy
No food no medicine no cars no power
The laughter in the darkness
The stories at the fire place
Old men drinking from the calabash
Women carrying withered babies on their backs
Crossing the river barefooted
The foxes and wild hounds barking in the night
You thought you knew me
Now you truly do.

Mubangizi Emmy

Mubangizi Emmy

I was born and raised in rural Western Uganda (East Africa) where my grandfather introduced me to literature at a very early age. I'm 28, and I live in Kampala. When I was 19 I set out to write my own novel, Home is Gone, which almost a decade later has not yet been published. I've written four more novels and hundreds of poems since, and continue to hope that my writing will influence a generation some day.
Mubangizi Emmy

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