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The Sun, Moon and Life

The Sun, Moon and Life

written by: Shreya Sharma


The sun glows with flashy spirals
onto my dewy face and embraced neck
A countenance in question.
Of withering roots in charred dark,
and glazing sunflowers in scintillating light.

The darkness may startle one
while it lights up the fluttering fireflies in twilight.
The cold air must freeze itself to form the frigid snow.

This humongous sun is a silent admirer
to your smiles and laughs-
The mirror reflects self-hurt and self-love
cradling in between your half-baked, half-eaten ideas.

You acknowledge the Sun,
Rays canoodle your silken belly in golden hues.
You await the Moon and
Porous silver liquid adorns your supple arms in quietness. Solitude.
You are the supreme to your existence.

The world is a milk-white canvas
the day you enter the world.
And as life progresses,
There is this welcoming rainbow,
There is that departed silhouette,
seeking the alive and dead that grows in you.

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