Finding My Way to The Other Side, poetry by Abagail Summers
Tom Barrett

Finding My Way to The Other Side

Finding My Way to The Other Side

written by: Abagail Summers


The ice was thin
Layered with breakable words
Ones that I used often

We’d stand near the frozen water
waiting for a sign that never came
One step too many

Though the cool air turned to pepper
We worked hard to forget, didn’t we?
But time laid its hand on our back and reminded us

We left footprints
Each one heavier than the last
Our vessel started to sink, and we let it, we had to

The lion roared even though I tried to keep it in its cage
It refused to stay
I fed it, hid it far within the forest, but it found its way out

The cold glass broke that day
Years of water crept up in between the cracks
We both stood still, stuck in places we didn’t want to be

I wanted you to hold my hand and lead me
The thin layer wasn’t strong enough to hold
Together, we both fell

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