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See Me

See Me

written by: Abagail Summers


Smog drifts through my branches. I can no longer grow as I have for the last one hundred years. Many never notice me, as I stand here, motionless, taking in the carbon dioxide. I’ve changed. It’s not a normal change either. The seasons. They changed me. But this. This is beyond my control.

I feel my roots as they rot from the inside. I can no longer sway without losing a branch or two. Time. It has gathered me up and poured an ugly rain onto my wooden soul. Sunlight no longer clings to me as it has before. Now, it only leaves me dehydrated and withered.

Do they see what they’ve done to me? They don’t look like it.

I now stand colorless in a world of color. It won’t be long now. I can feel it. Each passing moment, layers of bark chip off. My open wounds are starting to show. Sap drips as though I’m bleeding.

No one listens as I scream into the wind. I served a purpose once. If only they gave me what I gave them. Life.

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