The Void, a poem written by Marshall Hughes at

The Void

The Void

written by: Marshall Hughes



Verse 1 Conflict

There is nothing, nothing
but a dark, black canvas
of unimaginable energy.
An empty vacuum in space,
hiding a profound sadness.


Verse 2 Hope

Out of the void comes light
and out of the aether, life,
love, happiness, and despair.
Banish the chains that bind,
deal with the anguish and strife.


Verse 3 Lost

To lose something precious,
unbreakable like a diamond,
forever bound together.
Celebrate her devotion,
Never suffer, never silent.


Verse 4 Found

It hurts sometimes, but
embrace unconditional love,
from a parent to a child.
No need to suffer anymore,
let go, surrender, reconcile.


Verse 5 Fear

There is nothing to fear
beyond this physical realm.
Like a seductive kiss,
return to the light,
how wonderful to coexist.


Verse 6 Freedom

Shine bright in the aether,
accept the dark and light.
Endure, truly embrace,
forever, unending love,
Amazing Grace.

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