Broken Mind, a poem by Marshall Hughes at

Broken Mind

Broken Mind

written by: Marshall Hughes



I can see the signals of a broken mind
But do not comprehend for I am blind
To your inner world, hidden from sight
Anxiety, worry and fear of the unknown
The start of your journey, lost and alone.

I ignore the signals of your broken mind
As time passes, your thoughts realign
To a place where there is no escape
From the cerebral torment that awaits
To reach new heights of altered states.

You realise the signals of a broken mind
And reach for a ‘cure’ to try and unwind
Drugs are one solution to a short-term fix
Leaving a trail of destruction in its wake
Only to fuel what is already there to take.

‘It’ feasts on the signals of your broken mind
Waiting, lurking, ready to escape, unconfined
And unleashes with such a tremendous force
Insane, destroying your sanity, mind and soul
Now, the psychotic fiend is the one in control.

I really do see the signals of your broken mind
And truly comprehend for I am no longer blind
The assault on your psyche takes over your life
I reach out, grasp your hand, solid and sound
And watch in despair, so intense and profound.

‘It’ is relentless in pursuit of your broken mind
YOU take control, promise, to leave it behind
Or it will destroy what is still left of your life
Find the inner strength to fight for your sanity
Never give in to the fiend, I pray for serenity.

Listen, let us help fix your fragile, broken mind
Hospital, doctors, medicine and family therapy
With huge doses of LOVE that is your recovery
And look, that is you, it is you, there in the light
I am ready to claim back what is already mine.



This is for you, young man, with love, for the strength to carry on in life.

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