You, Us, Together, a prose written by Marshall Hughes at

You, Us, Together

You, Us, Together

written by: Marshall Hughes



The gift.
I brush my fingertips across the animal hide, feel the soft, sensual touch of the leather, breathe in the raw smell of the primitive scent, unbind the strap, and open the case to reveal the book of blank pages inside. It waits, for my pen to scribe the collection of words, to lose myself through the realm of poetic discourse. I begin with an image (of you), start with an emotion (of us), and think of a specific memory (together) before the ink can flow onto the page to allow the imagination to grasp the beauty of the moment; to make you see, touch, taste and smell the fragrance of the words.
Hear the whispering of the prose to follow.


Emanate a flawless determination of perfection
Direct, level-headed, creative and unique
With a bold manner to conceal waves of emotion
But, do not lack romance, generosity or affection.

A look, gesture, the softness of your lips on mine
Responds to seek out the corner of your mouth
Many words unspoken, sentiment hidden, out of sight
Waiting, for the right moment, explicit and divine.

Take it back, all the way back to the very start
There is no escape from your penetrative gaze
Subtle tones of your breath hide a secret desire
Inseparable, forever, both together yet apart.

Like entanglement, a physical subatomic connection
Deep, intense, across the spatial distance of time
Two become one to determine the other’s fate
Independent but dependant on each interaction.

This interchange leads us to the visible realm
Fortunate enough to experience the beauty of nature
The autumn sun and golden scent of the fields
To absorb the rays of light, to truly overwhelm.

There, watch, the colourful fluttering of the wings
The butterfly species lives but for three days
Three days or a million years, plus a million more
Both here and there, see, what the future brings.


It took two solitary days to write this piece in a remote part of Scotland, the winter weather, intense blue sky and breathtakingly beautiful landscape of the loch and mountains inspire the words on the blank pages of your gift with concern over the rhythm and rhyme of the poetry, but this reflects the asymmetrical nature of your character. From the first moment we met on our journey, the time spent together wandering in the woodland on a crisp, clear day to experience the silence and beauty of nature from the field of gold, to the sentiment of romanticism and sweet undertones of the musical lyrics.
Opposites attract.
Dualities inspire.
A light wave of emotion.

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