They Are Still Together, poetry written by Arpan Christy at

They Are Still Together

They Are Still Together

written by: Arpan Christy



I never used to watch a TV series.
You also would watch only one series,
the one related to friends.

You often told me that,
You can see our relationship
between the two characters of that TV series.

I, now,
sometimes watch some episodes of it.

Characters of that series
also got aged, alike us.

those two characters – the couple,
are still together!

Arpan Christy

Arpan Christy

Nationality: Indian
Age: 35 years old
Religion: Christian (Roman Catholic)
Education: Bachelor' s Degree in Engineering in Computer science.
Profession: Poet, writer, independent corporate film maker, independent software consultant.
Arpan Christy

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