Star-Gaze, poetry by Himel Ghosh at
Arnaud Mariat



written by: Himel Ghosh



Ancient stars scattered in the vast ocean,
Peek from their Orion constellation.
Soon they hide behind the flowing cloud
That colours the blank canvas, proud
Like a mysterious magic of untold past.
They look silently at the shadow, I cast!
The soothing winds strike very gentle.
To the glittering stars, humans so little…
Mere dots looking at the other dots,
And wandering in enchanting fascination.
Time stops running for a moment-
All life comes to a stand still.
This is an opportunity for contemplation.
Like the unforgettable temptation
Of the drops of wine and words of wisdom.

We are the lines of an unending poetry,
That those ancient stars read in silence,
Our actions are the pages of history,
And the ink writes about our existence…

All stay is temporal and all event has time,
Life has a purpose with a poetic rhyme.

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