A Canterbury Retail written by Aaron Marchant at Spillwords.com

A Canterbury Retail

A Canterbury Retail

written by: Aaron Marchant


Our motives may not be religious,
yet still we make our pilgrimages
And following a sat-nav star,
we pack like sardines in the car
for retail therapy remedial,
to Whitefriars shopping cathedral
‘Tis the season for indulging,
and so, with purse and pockets bulging,
we’re maxing out the credit card,
with little or no future regard

Perhaps our deed would seem profane
to travellers past, who this way came
But Thomas Becket feels no sorrow
that we live now and pay tomorrow
And Chaucer’s tales were not so pious
that he’d have occasion to try us
St Nicholas need shed no tears
If this new year, we’re in arrears
No parson would bear us a grudge
the bank manager alone’s our judge!



N.B. ‘Whitefriars’ Canterbury is the largest shopping mall in Kent, England

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