The Fire Within, a poem written by Roger Turner at

The Fire Within

The Fire Within

written by: Roger Turner



Without ice
A double whiskey
It goes down nice
Feel the fire
That gentle heat
And keep it neat

A shot of whiskey
It’s warm
not hot
You feel the fire
The burning linger
Feel the fire
From one shot

You start out drinking
To kill the pain
You order one more up
The burning feeling
Inside your chest
You’re still coherent
You’re at your best

Time…it passes
Years go by
The fire’s burning
You’re gonna die
That burning feeling
Can’t put it out
You move from whiskey
On back to stout

You can not stop it
The fire rules
Your eyes are red now
Red, runny pools
What once was pleasant
Now burns with pain
You can not stop it

You keep consuming
It’s who you are
Half a bottle gone
You’ve gone too far
You can not taste it
You can not win
You can not put out
The Fire Within.

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