Two Lights, a poem written by Joseph J. Breunig 3rd at

Two Lights

Two Lights

written by: Joseph J. Breunig 3rd



I recall the few luxurious moments,
of spending sunny days… climbing
and sliding on the slippery rocks
at Two Lights State Park, exploring

the watery crevices of boulders; I
sniffed a myriad of saltwater scents
of an alien landscape, that mirrored
the coldness of souls who lamented

the brutal ruggedness of a terrain,
that solemnly defies the Atlantic Ocean.
Snails and starfish, seek slimy refuge
from ignorant boys, who lack notions

of the awesome coastline before them,
as consolidated bluffs shed eroding rock;
overhead, the ravenous seagulls would
defecate their disappointment, squawk

and dive bomb those, who gladly invaded
their domain without yielding tribute.
Constant was the noise of flapping wings,
as these birds remained firm and resolute

as self-appointed guardians of the sky.
Returning here was always welcomed by me;
occasionally this adventure would resume
and I’d seek the hearts… left to the sea.

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