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Yan Berthemy

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

written by: Brandi Livingston


Behind those blue eyes.
So much sadness, and yet love.
Understanding and so much compassion.
Devoting and unconditional love.
In its purest form, standing throughout the hands of time.
Even in Death.
In those blue eyes.

I long to look into those blue eyes again.
The clear blue ocean, I see.
Comforting to my soul.
Taking me away into another time.
Just you and me.

I see you in my dreams.
How real they are to me.
You whispering, you love me.
How you miss me too.
Never wanting to leave your arms, or those eyes.
Returning to my world without you.
Now, tears stain my face once more.

I hear, I am always you, my beloved.
Closer to you than you think, my love.
Listen to the winds, you will hear my voice.
Look to the heavens, remember our star.
I am waiting for you, my beloved.
You will return to me some day.

Just remember the star.
You and me.
My blue eyes.



This for my Twin Flame. I love and miss you so much. Forever will not be long enough!

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