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Rope Walking Clown

written by: Tasos Kyrtasoglou


I saw your figure walk away
fading slowly into shadows.
A bitter taste of death
was dripping in my mouth,
as I kept hearing your goodbye
resonating in my mind.

“It was not meant to be” you said.
I tried to put the words together
but I could not.
It was a “Why”,
the only one that I could stutter,
the question mark half-drawn.

And then I teared my chest wide open
and dismantled my petty heart.
I placed the pieces polished well
in a tiny bony box and let it rot,
your name inscribed on the lock.

In remembrance of your ways
I‘ll keep a smile on my face
and promise not to chew my lip.
I‘ll keep my eyes straight up too
and promise not to shed a tear for you.

Now I‘m climbing up my rope again
and go on pacing my remains.
The crowd is cheering on the clown
as I perform my mortal bow.

Tasos Kyrtasoglou

Tasos Kyrtasoglou

I am a playwright from Greece since 2016. Three out of five plays of mine have been awarded since, in different writing contests. In 2018, I have released one of my plays, "Virginia", in an e-book format, under the Creative Commons Licence. I also write poems and short stories.
Tasos Kyrtasoglou

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