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written by: Nida Wasim


Cage is not being stuck behind the bars
It’s the unknown fear ensnares the hearts
Cacophonous voices telling thy aches
She managed to look fine with a stolid gaze
Got dissed here and there
She looked for appeasing everywhere
Days and nights looking in the mirror
Pretending to conceal the hurt she bears
Repent and remorse seized her calm
Ripples of the unknown fear possessed her all
Gnawing emotions eroded her soul
Damsel made the plangent roar
Distress withered her like a fallen leaf in autumn sun
She agitated for an ally but found no one
The discreet image shrouded by fog she felt is her angel who’d free her of all
Struggled to attempt the last-gasp at affection
Nothing she got but arrant repulsion
He who promised her felicity and affection made her alone and forget her compassion
Diluted by the sorrows and dismal
She made the pledge
Cast-iron her crumbled remains and never let anyone in
For when she pleaded with pain no one came in
Dead inside, feign a smile
She who wanted happiness is now in exile.

Nida Wasim

Nida Wasim

While medicine is my profession, writing and freezing moments through lens is a way to explore and express my creative-self.
Nida Wasim

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