Lament Of Lass written by Nida Wasim at

Lament of Lass

Lament Of Lass

written by: Nida Wasim


Lost in the jeopardy of life, trying to figure a way out
This arduous journey tearing her soul apart,

Finding it hard to strive through the storm, the tornado inside
Seeking for a window to see the halo of HOPE, as they say, it keeps alive,

Cataclysm from a naïve to a nouveau demon has cost a trade-off soul,
She who TRIED started to get TIRED, en route to becoming an emaciated soul

The soul which kept fighting against all the odds
The soul with the spirit of rocking the rocks life has thrown,

She who abides to felicitate screaming to get out of the ache,
Waiting for a miracle to take away all, and halt her lament once for all

Reminiscence of happiness is far away, maybe a metaphor or lost in the galaxy far away
Destiny divulging the infernal truth, undoing her exertion to constellate Life.



This composition reflects the struggles in life and the attempt to keep the hope alive.

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