Charming Devil, by Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal at

Charming Devil

Charming Devil

written by: Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal



Can I count on the sinners
to come out in droves to
the polling booth? I’m not
on the ballot. But if I get
enough write-in votes,
I could lead this country
into oblivion. I could
not do much worse than
the current administration.
If you think you have seen
greed, corruption, or war,
you have not seen a thing.
I would bring all my minions.
Their soulless nature would
spread like a seed from hell.
I have an everything-goes-
attitude as long as what goes
soothes me. I would allow
sinners free reign. They
could smoke, drink, fight,
and kill anytime they want.
All the light posts would be
dimmed at night and all
the traffic lights would be
green. There would be no
stop signs. There would be
no law. Can I count on your
vote tonight? You could
even keep your souls. But
only if you cause some
trouble before you die.

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