My Type of Waste at

My Type of Waste

My type of waste

written by: Moenigin



There sits a plate filled with cutlery and bits of foods
Four knives, a fork, a spoon
Orange peels, cheese crusts and a bit lettuce

I have a voice in my mind telling me
“What a waste! Using so many knives!
You could’ve washed the first one, and again!”

But I really do not mind this kind of plate
Filled with silver, on a platter of clay
Everything has its use and reason

There’s one, dear, for the main course
Its blade shimmers against the meat,
Pushes forward with the fork to my belly

There’s the other for cheese, of course
A slice there, on a crumble-filled bread
Spreading it around for my buds’ delight

There is a third, scented citrus
The orange sliced around, peeled
To my will without a fight

And there is the fourth,
Bristled with butter, filling
The holes in my crumbs

There is no waste in those,
No guilt I should feel in using
For my meal, as much cutlery
I will all put to the sink anyway



I'm a simple human being, just like you.

Crazy in my own way, just like you.

I like things, just like you.

I dislike things, just like you.

I study music, maybe not like you.

I write, possibly like you.

I hope this makes you feel like we have something in common, just like you!

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