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3 AM

3 am

written by: Natalia Aeschliman



3 am
The clock turns
Every second
Is the future
Of the lonely past
Oh, my skin is cold
Down this long hall
On my way to somewhere
Or maybe nowhere at all
I stop, turn, and listen
To the rain fall
tapping at the window
As if a secret lover
Longing to enter
And feel your tender skin
Oh, those thoughts of yours
Have been touched so many times
Will be the end of me
Whatever she may be
In the darkness everything shines
Everyone wears masks
Like a masquerade ball
With thousands of secrets
Only to be revealed
To the highest bidder
As the candle blows
The wind dies down
As I slowly tip toe
Down this hall
Like a maze in the dark
Like nothing
No one
At all.

Natalia Aeschliman

Natalia Aeschliman

MAY 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
My name is Natalia, I was born in Puerto Rico. I live a very simple life with my husband and 2 beautiful kids.
I keep my heart humble, and my words beautifully vulnerable.
I write because it is in my soul.
I write because I don't know how to live without it.
There's something beautiful that only poetry can create in your soul.
Natalia Aeschliman

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