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Life is meant to be lived. To love blindly and wildly and then learn from the mistakes. To embrace every part of you, the light, the dark. To walk with your head high in the middle of a crowd that points fingers at you, to embrace every flaw, every scar, because it’s your story. To look beyond the outside and just dig within… to help those who need it, but more those that have hurt you. To smile after a good cry and pick yourself up again. To dance even if you’re tired or in pain. Stop trying to please them, stop doing things to fit in, stop dancing to their rhythm if it isn’t your own. Stop exhausting yourself with changing the world around you, and grow within. Bloom like the lotus in the middle of muddy water, but bloom like it’s none of their business. Who cares if your shorts are too short, who cares if you laugh too loud, who cares if your nipples show when you dance in the rain! Who fucking cares, as long as you’re happy. Work with a passion, live carelessly and learn. Listen to those that need to be heard, but don’t bend yourself for them. Stop judging others, stop putting some on pedestals. We are in this world together, we all seek the same freedom, but how can that freedom be obtained, if you’re judging those who have reached it? Those light workers with our healing ideas, with hugging our trees, with dancing under the full moon. If it’s not your rhythm, then don’t dance, but don’t turn off the music for those who are living. Stop hating, start loving yourself. Fuck what they think, fuck what they say, at the end of the day, you are what matters. You.
Just because some aren’t happy, doesn’t mean you aren’t happy. Stop creating obstacles for yourself, and just go for it. So what if you fail? So what if you fall? It will only make you stronger.
Life is precious. Life is a blink of an eye, a heartbeat, a soft whisper in a crowd. Don’t let it get by you. Stop waiting. And just live.

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