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See You In Five

written by: Luiz Syphre



It's another sleepless night and I reminisce. The window to misery starts to creak open, slowly widening... the window promises my disintegration with torturous flashes of their faces... flashes that lash at me from the past.

A slave to my own mind, the slash comes, far reaching spiked tentacles smash against my back as I see their faces. I am a slave. I must obey. Make another mark upon my back, front and do as you will. I am your slave and I obey.  There is nothing I can do except to die as I disintegrate into their essence. The window wider yet, my tormentor at his full glory stands in front and I obey. I am a slave to my mind and I obey.

Who is it today? It's my Son and I am a slave to his love. I miss you soo much Mijo. Hit me your hardest! Take that strap as I am yours. Take it both hands, it's easy....I'll show you Mijo. Yes, there...that's how you whip daddy.  I am your slave and I want the sweet torture. You're good!
Yes! I remember that day at the park...I held you in my arms... you were so small, bright blues radiating with your love. Oh!! That was a good whip! It grounded me...there, I'm dissolving into you. I am your slave. Yes I'll always give you my best smile! Keep at it... I'm disintegrating now...that's my boy! Soo strong with your love! You smiled at me that day in the park and it was the best present any Dad could have. Yes, it's bleeding but it's nothing. No.  It doesn't hurt. I wanna see your face again. Please, torture me with your whip. Use all your might! Swing that arm back...swing hard! Thank you. I'll always be here ready to be your slave...you own me even if I may have nothing but misery, I am yours to do as you wish.

Every night I am your slave and I'll be here ready for that arm! Thank you for visiting. Of course I love you too! Say hi to Mom and Maddie. See you tomorrow.....wait... I'll be up the next 4 days, so I'll see you in five...



I'm a divorced parent that is currently having hardships in seeing my children. Because I see them so
seldom, I frequently reminisce about them and although it's sweet remembering them, it hurts my soul as I'm very close to them. This is my representation of the pain that comes with their faces as reminisce. If you've ever missed your children, I guarantee you will relate.

Luiz Syphre

Luiz Syphre

I immigrated to the states from Mexico at age 12 and I quickly fell in love with poetry after my grandfather read some of his poems to me. However, at 18, I had a young family and that left very little time for this endevour as I started working to support us. I returned to adult school to finish my diploma. At that time I developed a severe depression that I still struggle with to this day, but I found it to be a great source of inspiration as well. Today I live in Los Angeles and I'm divorced. I have two children I see whenever possible and two adult kids. Both my Grandfather and his brother are award winning poets and journalists, with one, (Bartolome Delgado DeLeon) having a street, library and a prestigious national poet award in his honor.

Most of my pieces come from personal experience and true to me. Sometimes my material is raw, other times murdeous, and yet other times romantic, but always me, 100% authentic guaranteed.
Luiz Syphre

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