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My Parents

My Parents

written by: hedgehog


Lying in his hospital bed waiting;
Seeing nothing the stroke has claimed his mind.
She sat by his bed hoping,
Waiting for some new event: her eyes fixed
On the shadows overhead
Miracles do happen, but not this time.

Looking back a smile comes over her face remembering,
They had come together in time of war.
Their whole life was a preparation for this event,
After sixty six years of marriage now separated; but not apart,
Closer now she must face her last years without him,
As this long last night; claims his soul for eternity.

The silence between them speaks; his time has run its course,
Kissing him gently as she said her goodbyes,
Their hands locked together for one last time,
Tears form and fall gently from her face.
These two who are my father and my mother,
Whose burning love from which I came, has now grown cold.

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