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You Are Loved

You Are Loved

written by: Catherine MacMillan Sihoe



Can’t we talk a minute?

               I have something to say

My name is Gregory
     I am thirteen
          And I’m very inventive

You’ll think this is cool

I build things
     On this side

     I build things
          To help others
               On your side of the rainbow

That’s what I call it
     This bridge between worlds

You there

     Me here

          On either side of the veil

It’s a mystery
     How I can see all things
          And you can only see some

But I suppose
     From your perspective
          Some are better than none

               Can you still hear me?

I was talking about the things I build
     But I forgot to say what they are

They are bells
     Tiny little bells and whistles
          Small enough to tuck in peoples ears

     Like little fluffs of cotton
          Like powder
               Small as a spec of dust

No one would ever imagine
     That something as small as all that
          Could. . .

Yes, spirit?

Could hold such a powerful healing energy

Yet, I’m here to tell you
     That inside that tiny ball of mist
          Lies a truth so profound
               That all the wise men and woman
                    Across history

     Would do nothing if not agree with its truth

It’s a voice
     This thing I make

     It’s a speaker
          An amplifier of the minutest proportions

A channel
     If you like
          Of the voice of God
               With one message

                    That’s all

One message to share
     In the softest, warmest whisper

               “You are loved,” it shares

Over and over and over
     With the gentlest
          Soothing tones

     “You are loved like no other on this earth
          Because you are unique unto yourself

                    You are loved.”

It wasn’t my idea of course
     I’m only a volunteer

     Because I know myself to have the hands
          That are skilled enough to craft
               The spiritual technology
                    (If you like)

The delicate touch necessary
     To create such an instrument
          With enough precision to translate the voice of God
               Is in my hands

And I gladly give them
     Because I know myself
          With all my heart

     Never mind that I’ve reached such a young age as this

I know already
     I mean to say

       That no one

          Not one living soul
               Should ever have the opportunity
                    To forget this truth

So I remind them
     With my tiny bells
          And whistles

               “You are loved

                    Each and every day without end”

      Can you hear yours?

If not
     Let me know
          And I’ll turn up the volume

     Loved One

          Sleep well

               Listen to your dreams
                    They work there, too!

I’ll see you soon

Catherine MacMillan Sihoe

Catherine MacMillan Sihoe

Catherine is a Spiritual Medium, Channel and Animal Spirit Communicator who works with people worldwide, through social media. Catherine’s knowledge of the unseen has developed through adherence to continuous spiritual guidance from the energy she calls ‘Spirit’ from whom she channels stories, communication with spirits of the living and those passed over, as well as beautiful words of wisdom, love, light and spiritual guidance for people around the world when they choose to, 'Ask Spirit' through Catherine.
Catherine MacMillan Sihoe

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