High Above This Tethered Earth, written by Catherine MacMillan Sihoe at Spillwords.com

High Above This Tethered Earth

High Above This Tethered Earth

written by: Catherine MacMillan Sihoe



Before a massive wall of rock
In shadow, darkest fear assumed
Where once a crippling impasse haunted
Invitation took its stead

Facing fears’ oppressive nature
Above the boundaries self imposed
Courage finds its blessed stronghold
Within the depths of hearts desire

Then upward she, the sheer face climbing
Rough brick, moss, gray castle stone
And on its keep, with exult pride
She hailed the fire of the blazing sun

Arms outstretched and skyward dreaming
“I’ve reached the highest point!” she cried.
And yet ~ eyes closed still limits binding
She lost the truth that voice still rises!

High above this tethered earth
Her words found the wings of sweet birdsong
And on her hearts intent ~ flew upward
To soar unseen through heavens door

Then, Angels’ breath upon her blown
A gentle whisper in her ear
“Look up and feel the strength of love!”
Precious promise truth be told

“Let go and let your soul ascend
Beyond such weighted earthly boundaries
In freedoms grace to you behold
Now dance in angels laughter”



Thank you to Colm Maguire for allowing me to use his exceptional photo.

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