My Intoxication, poetry written by Rks at

My Intoxication

My Intoxication

written by: Rks



The heart, that craves the taste
of being intoxicated
but by love,
The poison, is it the cure or the end?
The taste of insanity
it remembers so vividly,
my flesh, my strings
my bones, my veins
sick and shattered, I still am in love with.
Is it my euphoria or my drug?
Equivalent but to intoxication,
must you be.
The taste of my summer, the lustrous eyes
I feel it all within,
irresistible, it is
not to be intoxicated by the explosion of a star
I witness it all within your gaze.
Oh, the tranquility of my heart,
a flame with passion
slow paces, that’s its hesitation.
I ask no more questions
for the sun rises with my answers,
it’s my intoxication,
the flood of heavy rains,
my summer’s fragrance,
pressure against my veins
I inject you into,
it smells sweet like the morning dew.
My intoxication, is you.

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