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Free As A Bird

Free As A Bird

written by: Francisco Bravo Cabrera


The notes bounced through my ears so softly,
I hardly heard the melody at all,
but once the words caressed my senses,
I paid attention to the verses
and I realised what it could be,
it was a longing to be free…

The darkness closes doors much firmer
than the iron, rusted, old,
of the gates that form this chamber
where our stories aren’t told.

Stories of their thoughts that wish to fly away…

Those locked far beneath the ground,
forgotten, beaten,
of these, no one has a word to say,
within their cells, no movement, no sound,
but indomitable is their will
to fight on still.

And like a bird
that never prays,
they know they will be free one day…

The notes bounced through my mouth so brightly,
I sang as I admired the brightening day, and thought:
The struggle to be free
the locks that have no key,
the mind becomes their home,
when in the dark, alone
they pay for others sins
and suffer what that karma brings…

Free as a bird, I want to be,
and walk away from tyrants cages,
then I will fly, high, through the winds,
crossing through history,
behind me fall the ages,
for I know freedom is warm and very near,
as darkness disappears.



Freedom is something so valuable that many fight and die for it every day. We in Europe don’t really know about it, although we did have our dark days not that long ago…however in countries under the tyrannical rule of communists, i.e. Cuba, people are sentenced and condemned simply because they do not agree with the system that has taken control of their country and that has ruled their destiny for over 60 years. We need to realise that in Cuba Human Rights are non-existent, that people rot in dungeons, that people risk their lives to escape. We travel there thinking it is a country like any other country in America, but it is not. This is what this poem is about. It is an ode to those who have risked their lives and have lost their freedom only because of their audacity to think thoughts that communists prohibit.

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