A Triumphal March, poetry by Bruce Levine at Spillwords.com
Oleksandr Kurchev

A Triumphal March

A Triumphal March

written by: Bruce Levine



Time meanders
amid the deadly silence
Empty shadows cast
in blazing sunlight
As the clock ticks
but the hands remain still
Like a dead battery
while the pendulum swings
Awaiting answers
A simple response
balanced against the hand of fate
The future in an hourglass
Crystal clear
Sifting sand
A waiting game
Knowing the future is cast
in a new adventure
Pioneers seeking the Promised Land
Believing that the fate of destiny
is a matter of time awaiting resolution
Forecast by meteorologists
And the wind held at arm’s length
Yet a triumphal march
toward the future
Resolved and resolute
as the sea air
Waves cresting
against the hull of a schooner
Sails aloft
with the wind at their back
Racing toward fulfillment
and the land just over the horizon
Knowing the outcome
like a premonition
As certain of success
as blood flowing through veins
And the ocean waves
against the shore

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