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From Where I Stand...

written by: Nida Wasim


Far through the dark, palm dangling in the air
It all looked so blur
From where I stand it all looked unclear
What appeared an oasis turned out to be a desert when I got near
From where I stand it seemed crowded I found I’m alone when I got near
Some days it all looks so clear
The other moment it all disappears
From where I stand melting sun in the sea, looks surreal
Before the warmth of its rays hit the face clouds get it covered
From where I stand it’s all so cold
So cold and dark a shiver shook the spine
It all seems scattered, no sense of direction
Yet, I kept walking cause from where I stand I see the destination
Poignant story becomes less stirring
As now where I am, it’s all insipid
From where I stand, I see hazy images crystallize
Imbecile I couldn’t fathom when they materialize
I stood too long waited for serenity
From where I stand it may be unclear
Even so, I shall endure, no doubt no fear

Nida Wasim

Nida Wasim

While medicine is my profession, writing and freezing moments through lens is a way to explore and express my creative-self.
Nida Wasim

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